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Quality Coffee, Quality Life

Helping you be a better YOU. 

Organic, Direct Trade, and naturally extra-caffeinated coffee for better focus and better results in every day life!

QUOTE OF THE DAY: A negative mind will never give you a positive life

The Coffee

Organic, Direct Trade and naturally extra-caffeinated HIGH VIBE BLEND! Don't forget to try our specialty flavors, too!


"Silky smooth, low acidity, jolt in a cup"

If world peace and lightening bolts had a baby, it would be LYMI HIGH VIBE blend. Silky smooth, low acidity, jolt in a cup. Love!!!

Georgia G.

"This coffee gave me so much energy and focus"

Super cute packaging! This coffee gave me so much energy and focus( which is the best when you have a demanding toddler)! It also tastes great, not too light not too heavy! Can’t wait for more and new flavors. 💃🏻☕️

Stephanie M.

"I’m hooked already!!"

My coffee arrived and it barely got in the door and I was making a small pot to try. Such pretty packaging with a nice thank you note with a quote on the back. Very excellent smooth and toasty cup of coffee. I’m hooked already!!

Kim B.

"I’m sold on this"

I have been drinking coffee since the age of 14. Skeptical as I was over ground coffee (we’ve always roasted our own green beans or bought whole) since we grind our own in a conical burr grinder. I’m sold on this. It’s everything advertised. I’m a future customer. 


"This coffee is so smooth..."

This coffee is so smooth and gives me the energy I need to get my day going without making me feel jittery. Did I mention how great it tastes too? Love it!

Shana S.

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