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Organic, Direct Trade, and naturally extra-caffeinated coffee for better focus and better results in every day life!

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "Happiness is a genuine satisfaction with your present experience" -Raymond Charles Barker

The L.Y.M.I. Brand

Coffee is a universal language… just like love. Both thrive through community and both are easily shared (well, unless you’re one of the unique ones who doesn’t like coffee, but stick around, there’s still something special for you here). LYMI Coffee was started to bring a community together. I wanted to serve people through something I could be proud to call my own. It’s all I’ve ever known how to do. Thank you, mom! (She is one of the most giving, caring, and kind people I know) LYMI exists today because of what she instilled in me. ❤️...

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Our Beans


We pride ourselves in bringing you organic, silky, robust, low acidic coffee that fills your cup full of flavor with naturally higher caffeine.  Your relationship with our premium coffee makes for a stronger relationship with our dedicated farmers who are provided a decent wage for their lifelong care of the crops. LYMI's speciality coffee is rooted on environmental preservation and social development throughout various regions of the world so those caring for our beans are cared for by us. We thank you for your support.  

Love you, mean it.

Organic Coffee


Find out how it all began in a recent VoyageDallas interview! -  Meet Kali O'Campo Of LYMI Coffee–Love You, Mean It in Richardson

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"Silky smooth, low acidity, jolt in a cup"

If world peace and lightening bolts had a baby, it would be LYMI HIGH VIBE blend. Silky smooth, low acidity, jolt in a cup. Love!!!

Georgia G.

"This coffee gave me so much energy and focus"

Super cute packaging! This coffee gave me so much energy and focus( which is the best when you have a demanding toddler)! It also tastes great, not too light not too heavy! Can’t wait for more and new flavors. 💃🏻☕️

Stephanie M.

"I’m hooked already!!"

My coffee arrived and it barely got in the door and I was making a small pot to try. Such pretty packaging with a nice thank you note with a quote on the back. Very excellent smooth and toasty cup of coffee. I’m hooked already!!

Kim B.

"I’m sold on this"

I have been drinking coffee since the age of 14. Skeptical as I was over ground coffee (we’ve always roasted our own green beans or bought whole) since we grind our own in a conical burr grinder. I’m sold on this. It’s everything advertised. I’m a future customer. 


"This coffee is so smooth..."

This coffee is so smooth and gives me the energy I need to get my day going without making me feel jittery. Did I mention how great it tastes too? Love it!

Shana S.

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